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Welcome to The Indie Tripper, a travel and food blog with writings and musings on, you’ve guessed it, travel and food, from all of my favourite places, both in Ireland and abroad. I hope you find something here to inspire your next trip. The world is a wonderful place but you don’t have to go far to find somewhere special. I hope you find it helpful. 


This blog was born one balmy July evening in a tree-house in Provence. Travelling and taking photos have long been my greatest passions and that day, filled with the joys of finding a really unusual spot to holiday, I was inspired to capture some of our more memorable trips for posterity. 


I love the satisfaction and freedom that comes from independent travel and creating your own tailor-made trip. There's nothing quite like finding that secret cove you have all to yourself, that gorgeous guesthouse that's completely off the beaten track, or having the meal of your life in one of the lesser-visited spots in a city. It always gives me a buzz and I come back from each trip in love with life, filled with inspiration and the urge to tell anyone who'll listen all about it.

In truth, we’ve always put a lot of time and effort into our holidays, spending hours researching the perfect places to stay: we tend to opt for the smaller, independent hotels and guesthouses where possible and favour those which are a little unique or at least slightly quirky. We also spend an disproportionate amount of time investigating places to eat and have often chosen particular cities purely based on their foodie-culture. 

So I thought I'd put that enthusiasm to good use and document a variety of different trips we've taken over the past ten years. I've included everything from city-breaks to active travel, spots for a romantic getaway or weekend away, hidden gems, great spots to eat & some cultural recommendations, if that's your thing. 

I'd love to hear from you if you have questions about any of the locations featured on this site or if you'd like some recommendations about places that have not been included to date but may feature in my photo galleries. I'm also happy to offer a multitude of recommendations about great places to eat in Dublin. You can contact me here

Happy travelling!!

Karyn x




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